Oil & Trouble

Setting Spray with a touch of magic

Oil & Trouble Setting Mist is a conceptual series of light and gentle sprays each specially designed for different finishes and experiences. The product line was created to fill the void of specially designed setting sprays. They’re inspired by old-fashioned cosmetic products. This is ironic because setting spray is a product that existed for a consumer market only very recently, among the wave of new products of the early 2000s.

The product is a boutique line, appropriately so as it appeals to the vintage market who expect quality in their packaging and products. The sprays packaged together fit into an engraved and repurposed wooden box, lined with felt and shaped for each bottle. The box is made to last as a memento. The bottles themselves are imaged with different silhouettes for each title, giving a hodge-podge nature to each product and the different old-fashioned novelty spray tops.

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