A platform for plus-size businesses

OVER+ was designed to be a central hub of available sustainable shopping options for plus-size women. This platform was theorized to be a form of direct support to designers and companies that prioritize sustainable plus-size clothing, US 14-40 overall other sizes. In addition to providing collective resources for sustainable clothing, OVER+ also aims to create a sense of community amongst plus-size women of diverse backgrounds and styles.
This is in an effort to normalize some everyday experiences that may be different for plus-size women like posting photos online and shopping eco-friendly and secondhand.

Style influences for this project include warm neutrals and light pinks that suggest an embodiment of body acceptance. Occasional bold and light sans serif typefaces are pulled in to mirror the design sentiments of existing online shopping platforms, which leave room for the clothing to shine in the composition. The visuals are designed ultimately to be minimally feminine in order to encapsulate the female-identifying plus size community without being too polarizing.

Commission me, ask a question, whatever floats your boat.