Art and Design are my tools for thriving.

I’m Tori Cutway and I’m a BGSU graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design. From an early age, I learned how to frame the world from a creator’s perspective. I learned how to apply that skill to real-world needs like design and photography when I attended Penta Career Center for Interactive Media in Highschool. From there, with 10 years of early education in fine arts and 3 in digital assets and adobe software, I moved on to BGSU where I learned countless forms of making. Printmaking, jewelry, painting, and installation work gave me comfort and trust in my own hands. Digital imaging, introductory animation, HTML/CSS, and interactive design classes with Figma, Adobe Premiere, and After Effects gave me a broader understanding of the capabilities of digital assets given the right user interface.

After finishing my education at BGSU, I interned as a Graphic Designer for Root Inc in Sylvania, a boutique consultancy that taught me communication and resourcefulness when working on branded projects for a multitude of large companies. Moving on to working full-time as an Associate Graphic Designer for e-commerce company 3C in a marketing office gave me the tools to manage marketing materials and packaging for a variety of brands within one organization. In addition, I freelanced for local businesses like Distracted Haunted House. 

After building some freelance clients, I found an opportunity to work in the nonprofit sector for the first time with Wayne Metro Community Action Agency. Since September of last year, I’ve been working as their primary graphic designer and I am in awe of the amazing culture and comradery of the place. I was recently hired officially since I was working through a contract with Creative Circle, and I am thrilled to get the chance to work for an organization that cares first and foremost for people in need.

Commission me, ask a question, whatever floats your boat.