Art and Design are my tools for thriving.

I’m Tori Cutway and I’m a BGSU graduate with a BFA in Graphic Design. From an early age, I learned how to frame the world from a creator’s perspective. I learned how to apply that skill to real-world needs like design and photography when I attended Penta Career Center for Interactive Media in Highschool. From there, with 10 years of early education in fine arts and 3 in digital assets and adobe software, I moved on to BGSU where I learned countless forms of making. Printmaking, jewelry, painting, and installation work gave me comfort and trust in my own hands. Digital imaging, introductory animation, HTML/CSS, and interactive design classes with Figma, Adobe Premiere, and After Effects gave me a broader understanding of the capabilities of digital assets given the right user interface.

After finishing my education at BGSU, I interned as a Graphic Designer for Root Inc in Sylvania, a boutique consultancy that taught me communication and resourcefulness when working on branded projects for a multitude of large companies. Moving on to working full-time as an Associate Graphic Designer for e-commerce company 3C in a marketing office gave me the tools to manage marketing materials and packaging for a variety of brands within one organization. Today I freelance for local businesses like Distracted Haunted House. Hopefully, soon I will have even more new skills, ways of making, and creative partners.

Commission me, ask a question, whatever floats your boat.